Immerse In A Virtual Environment

When we delved into virtual reality, we never looked back. Sundance is a technology-centric company which helps our clients experience the future-today. Virtual environments are no longer concepts of science-fiction movies. It is here now and we are using it to create immersive and engaging marketing presentations for our clients.


Virtual reality gives you the sense of being in an environment as though you’re physically there. Viewing with a Head Mount Display (HMD) makes the experience even more realistic. There are two ways to generate a virtual environment – scanning an actual 3D space and computer generated.

3D Space

Using a proprietary 3D 360° camera by Matterport, a real environment like a house interior or showroom is first scanned, then converted and prepared to be viewed in a HMD. This results in a very immersive experience where viewers get a sense of presence, a sense of physically being in an actual environment.

video courtesy of Matterport
Foreston Bukit Puchong
Chemara Castilla
Chemara Siphonia
Ainsdale Nurani

Computer Generated

Virtual space can also be computer generated when there is no actual space to scan or capture. With 3D rendering technology, the virtual space can still be photo-realistic and impressive.

image courtesy of HTC
image courtesy of Samsung
Kalista Semi-D
Kalista Superlink
Geo Type A
Geo Type B
Geo Type D


How Many Ways Can We Tell A Story?

Quite a lot actually. Just that our tools to do it involves 3D. What makes a story more compelling is not the way a project or architecture is constructed in 3D. Rather, how we bring viewers from one point to the other, leaving them wanting to see how the next point unfolds. It is all about telling a compelling story with more impactful visuals. Which is why, we utilize technology to track and composite 3D Computer Graphic Images (GCI) into professionally shot videos with real human actors.

Colour Grading
PSP Interchange
Sentral Suites
IOI Resort City
Kalista Park Homes
Geo Bukit Rimau
Epic Luxe Homes
16 Sierra @ Puchong South
Paragon 150
Mandolin Residences
Nine Cheras


Artists Paint, Builders Build. We Visualise.

There is a difference between 3D visualisation perspective and one that has artistic flair. The mood, the angle, the lifelike nuances are what make our 3D visualisation jump out. It draws in viewers and helps them picture themselves being a part of the scene.

Kalista Park Homes
Geo Bukit Rimau
Epic Luxe Homes
Centrus Soho
Paragon 150
Nine Cheras
Astellia Residences